Walpole Island is internationally known for it's abundant population of ducks, divers and geese.  It is located on the migratory bird flyways providing a steady stream of new ducks.

        Fishing is also plentiful here on Walpole Island.  Miles of marsh and lakeshores provide fishermen with bass, perch and walleye.




        Provincial and Walpole Island permits must be obtained for hunting and fishing, along with a Federal Migratory Bird Stamp for hunting.  They may be purchased at the Band Office, Arena Restaurant, Chematogan Camp or the Oak's Inn in Wallaceburg.

        Kris Jacobs Guide Service is a reliable, courteous and honest guide service.  We welcome everyone from beginners to professionals offering well experienced guides to ensure both safety and a good time.





BJ is trained in both marsh and field retrieving.











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Kris's son, Darby, had a great day fishing.